“With Urn as Stage, City as Screen, the Most Dazzling Chinese Style is Performed Inside the Door” Opening Ceremony of World Historical and Cultural City Expo of Nanjing in 2016 was Held in Zhonghua Gate Barbican.

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Zhonghua Gate is one of the thirteen capital gates in Nanjing of the Ming Dynasty, also called “First Inner Barbican in the World” and structure of three Barbicans is fully utilized. Zhonghua Gate Barbican becomes a platform extending traditional culture, a stage carrying the performance, and a carrier showing diverse, open as well as innovative cultural concept.
With ancient City Wall as “curtain”, the scene was adopted with immersive theatre and 3D lighting technology, which was conducted with a perfect fusion between cultural heritage and fashion science and technology, creating a dazzling visual feast to show the world dignified accumulation, unremitting pursuit and glorious vision of Nanjing.
The Mayor of Nanjing City Liao Ruilin, the Chairman of Chinese Society of Cultural Relics, and the Dean of the Palace Museum Shan Jixiang gave an address; the Representative Sa Gela of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization gave an address; and announced the opening. The sponsor of World Historical and Cultural City Expo and relevant leaders of supporting party, Mayors as well as Mayor Representatives from 22 cities at home and abroad of 14 countries and experts as well as scholars in relevant domain, etc were present at the opening ceremony. Member of Standing Committee of Municipal Committee and Propaganda Minister Cai Lixin hosted the opening ceremony and Deputy Mayor Hu Wanjin was present in the activity.
In starting link, the distinguished guest would insert the “shuttle” used for weaving longitude and latitude into card slot. When the starters were embedded successively, the laser show was coordinated to be opened. The translation editions of multiple languages were rolling and the big slogans were projected to the antique City Wall, implying the co-prosperity of culture.
The theme in first part of opening ceremony was “Tradition is in progressive tense, and inheritance produces sound again”, elevating the grandiose narration style and features of past opening ceremony to minimalism style, showing the poetry aesthetics peculiar to Chinese civilization, and running through the use of creation proposition for “The culture and art exclusively owned by China, and the contact with this era in which posture as well as way”. Duo Dance namely the dance of Mo Yun with Chinese classical dance Water-sleeve as carrier, the universe as space and the constantly changing Chinese Calligraphy projected in City Wall as background, drawn the outline of hazy image of Jiangnan misty rain, like a dream and picture. The song namely Tian Gong Zao wu is the anthem of “World Crafts Council” of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, and the originator as well as singer is Zhu Zheqin, a music artist, ambassador of world crafts, as well as the originator of “Kanjian Creation” which is an original design brand in contemporary China, who devotes himself to interpretation and application of Chinese traditional crafts in contemporary era. Along with the wonderful singing of Zhu Zheqin, the dancers danced trippingly in the front of loom, weaving pieces delicate “Brocades”.
In the past the Main South Gate of Nanjing has important military value, but now it is the place where models waited to come on the stage and refined the make-up. The Ancient-Troop Hiding Cave where three thousand soldiers hid had no shining spears and armored horses at this moment, and was full of tenderness. Exposed to the clear singing of the singer Gong Linna, a bright moon “brightly” appeared on the end of T-runway, starting the act curtain of fashion show namely Splendid China. In the view of Lawrence Xu, the leader as well as a well-known designer in Chinese advanced customization industry, the Barbican became the time tunnel at that time, leading the hundreds and thousands years of time to now as well as conveying it to future according to the design for ingenuity of Lawrence Xu under the guidance of models’ steps through continuous and unique Chinese element.





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