Series of Commemorative Activities for “650th Anniversary of Establishment of Nanjing City Wall of the Ming Dynasty”-“Our Festival-Nanjing City Wall Invites You to Enjoy the Full Moon together”

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Since the ancient times, sacrifice of the moon, worship of the moon, eating moon-cake, appreciating osmanthus flowers, and drinking wine fermented with osmanthus flowers and such customs have been associated with the Mid-Autumn Festival and passed down to this day, lasting. The Mid-Autumn Festival becomes a colorful and precious cultural heritage by virtues of the full moon betokening, showing the feelings of missing hometown and loved ones, wishing for good harvest and happiness. The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Spring Festival and the Tomb-sweeping Day are called four traditional festivals of China. 
According to the historical characteristics of Chinese traditional culture, “Our Festival-Nanjing City Wall Invites You to Enjoy the Full Moon together” sponsored by Preservation and Management Center for Nanjing City Wall and undertaken by Yifeng Study of Nanjing City Wall particularly invited Professor Liu Kuilong, the Inheritor of Nanjing Vernacular and Professor Huang Ling, the Inheritor of Nanjing Baiju (folk art), containing the elements of folk customs at Mid-Autumn Festival to animate the lecture with enjoyment. Such activity does not only enable tourists or families to enjoy the beautiful moon, but also feel the atmosphere of folk customs at Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese traditional culture; we also elaborately prepared the activity of playing the Chinese zither and reciting ancient poems for audiences to create a cozy atmosphere for each family and enable audience to enjoy a meaningful Mid-Autumn Festival. 



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