“650th Anniversary Party for Establishment of Nanjing City Wall of the Ming Dynasty”

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As one of the most proud city cards of Nanjing people-Nanjing City Wall is currently experiencing the extremely important year; since it was listed in the Preparatory Directory for World Cultural Heritages of China in 2012, Document of application for heritage for Nanjing City Wall was formally submitted to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage in March of this year. Meanwhile, the 650th Anniversary for the establishment of Nanjing City Wall fell on September 5 of this year, and in order to solemnize this special anniversary, birthday invitation was sent to the world for Nanjing City Wall to call together 650 personnel born on the same day of the same month to meet in ancient Chinese barbican for birthday celebration. 
On the site of activity, 650 Stars of Longevity left their wishes for Nanjing City Wall on the huge cake post, of which ten representatives gave birthday gifts with Nanjing City Wall, expressing their sincere wishes for Nanjing City Wall. Famous British violinist and Popularization Ambassador of “Nanjing Week” at “London Design Festival” Mr. Charlie Siem also came to the site of the activity to express the birthday wish for Nanjing City Wall by playing the violin in a touching way. At the end of the activity, 650 Stars of Longevity cut the huge birthday cake with Nanjing City Wall and took a group picture with the cake to mark the occasion, shared the happiness of birthday, pushing the activity to a new high! 
        The Birthday Party is only the beginning of series of commemorative activities for 650th anniversary of establishment of Nanjing City Wall of the Ming Dynasty; from September 5, 2016 to the end of this year, Preservation and Management Center for Nanjing City Wall will also develop series of commemorative activities themed with “Feeling City Wall Culture and Carrying forward Civilization of Ancient Capital”, integrated with science, technology, music and design elements, and dividing into five parts of Creative City Wall, Reading City Wall, Dialogue with City Wall, Getting Close to City Wall, totaling 26 activities, of which series of activities, including Global Chinese Poems Creation Contest of Nanjing City Wall, Global Collection of Planning and Design Scheme for Nanjing City Wall Museum and Vigorous Walk Around the City Wall for 70 Li enabled citizens to share the results of the protection and utilization of the cultural heritage-Nanjing City Wall and enable the cultural heritage integrate into the “modern life” of every one. 


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